New Zealand’s Top 3 Great Walks On North Island

New Zealand family holidays will lead you to awe-inspiring landscapes with cascading waterfalls, ancient forests, misty mountains, white sandy beaches, emerald fjords. In short, it is a walker’s paradise. Any trail or path that you follow is bound to lead you to some unforgettable majestic landscape. You can hike through your own paths and discover hidden gems at your own pace or just take one of many coach tours new zealand. But if you’re pressed for time, take the advice of great walkers before you and discover the following top 3 walks in the North Island of God’s own country.

Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

Lake Waikaremoana is called the ‘sea of rippling waters’ in the east of North Island. The walking track is 46 kilometers long, and takes 3 to 4 days to cover, with hiker’s huts and five campsites along the way (be sure to book in advance). Along the way, you’ll pass remote beaches, giant podocarp forests and enjoy stunning views from the Panekire Bluff. The path is well formed with plenty of signs for your convenience. You don’t need a lot of experience in hiking to do this walk, though you do need moderate fitness. The walk begins at Te Urewera, and the towns of Rotorua, Wairoa and Gisbourne are located nearby. You can enjoy fishing and swimming in the lake, but be prepared for wasps.

Tongariro Northern Circuit

This circuit in the Tongariro National Park winds its way around some breathtaking active volcanoes, the Ngauruhoe and Tongariro. You will see emerald blue lakes, volcanic craters, glacial valleys and steaming geothermal activity along the way. The trail is 43.1 kilometers and needs 2 to 4 days to cover. The path is popular, well-formed and marked as well. Even if you are of moderate fitness and don’t have much experience with hikes, you can still enjoy the walk in summer. The walk is located in the central region of North Island, close to Turangi, National Park Village, Waiouru and Ohakune. The entrance is at Whakapapa Village. Go fully prepared with advance research, to avoid volcanic hazards and snow conditions.

Whanganui Journey

The Whanganui River offers an excellent location for adventuring down river in an area that is rich with Maori history. You can take a kayak or canoe for a 145 kilometer journey from Taumarunui to Pipirki. This is a 5 day journey, with riverside hut accommodation along the way. You could also choose a shorter journey to Pipiriki that begins at Whakahoro, which can be completed in 3 days. Along the way, you’ll find lush green hills and the remote beauty of bush covered valleys. The river trail is located in the Whanganui National Park, also in North Island. Note that you will need a Great Walk pass to visit the campsites along the trails.

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New Zealand Wonder

New Zealand holiday opportunities are always breathtaking, and these Great Walks are extra-special in the adventures and photo ops they offer in the lap of diverse natural beauty. The Great Walk season usually lasts from October to April and there are plenty of lodging facilities en route these trails. So plan something different in winter 2015 with the help of a car hire NZ travel guide; leave the cold behind and go down under to North Island for an adventure holiday with your family or friends.