During these challenging times where the majority of eating establishments are being forced to transition into a solely take-out and delivery model, it is imperative that restaurant owners optimize every aspect of their business operations. Given the more limited contact that customers have with restaurants in the ordering process, it’s more important than ever that eatery websites and menus are at the top of the list of this refinement process. For example, it has previously been said that a well-engineered menu can boost sales by over 10%. In this climate, one can expect that an attractive and user-friendly ordering experience, including appealing photography and qr code menu design, can make the difference in between staying open and not being able to cover operating expenses.

In the interest of assisting our readers in improving their existing menus or even creating new ones, we will summarize some of the main principles that lead to success on this front.

One of the main tenets in menu design concerns the placement of your most popular and highest profit margin food items. By following a concept called the Golden Triangle, it is possible to maximize the chance that customers see these most important food items first. The Golden Triangle is represented by three areas on your menu, which are: the Middle, the Top Right, and the Top Left. Most customers begin by scanning down the Middle section, then moving back up to the Top Right, and finally jumping across to the Top Left. Keeping this in mind, it is wise to put special or limited items in the middle section, so that they are brought to customers’ attention first. Subsequently, the top right is a natural location for entrees and main courses, while the top left can feature appetizers and extras.

After general layout and items listing, the most important factor for a successful menu is that of quality photography. Make sure not to cut corners on this step, completely avoiding grainy photography and low quality images that will instantly give a bad impression of your establishment and its food. Select your most important and profitable items to be represented by photo images of course, along with particularly eye-catching and mouth-watering ones. While it is tempting to take pictures oneself, we recommend that a professional photographer be employed to create these assets, taking the photos in your establishment as well.

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Lastly, tantalizing and easy-to-read descriptions for each and every food item is a must. Even in the case of otherwise boring plates, it is imperative that you invent some creative and memorable theming for them that is consistent with your restaurant’s character, and that you express it clearly. Some ideas for especially detailed food descriptions include listing ingredients, dietary considerations, and even taste and texture elements of each dish. Along with this presentation, it is very helpful to use a consistent design style with easy-to-read font, and a color scheme that is attractive but that does not overly distract from the food item listings.

As can be seen, the creation of a well-designed menu for your restaurant requires getting many different factors right, and having them come together in a unified manner. For this reason, it is often advisable to start from scratch rather than slightly updating your existing menu, as designing from a holistic perspective produces the best results. We hope the above has helped you in your brainstorming process; watch our featured videos for further ideas and best of luck with your own menu design adventure.